Welcome to the Homepage of Integrational Linguistics.
Integrational Linguistics (no relation to an approach by the same name developed by Roy Harris) is a specific approach to linguistics combining a comprehensive theory of language and a theory of grammars and providing a consistent framework for the analysis and description of arbitrary languages from any point of view that is linguistically relevant.
Our homepage, which offers an overview of the approach, provides
  four introductory online texts dealing with the basic characteristics and the development of Integrational Linguistics
  a short list of basic texts suitable for studying the approach
  a bibliography of  Integrational Linguistics, constantly updated
  a selection of books originating from Integrational Linguistics
  selected papers in Integrational Linguistics: abstracts
  information on the book series Studies in Integrational Linguistics
  access to the IL LIST, a public platform for discussions in and on Integrational Linguistics
  the IL information desk, for any further questions on Integrational Linguistics that you would like us to answer
  the personal pages of some integrational linguists
  cross-links to other linguistic approaches on the Web
All information on this site is also available in German.

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